Session 1


Date Run



Alistair Stinton
Malcom Cooke
Henrietta Gladwell


Wyvern Rock
The Old Fort


PC’s train is attacked by bandits, after fighting them off the group must get survivors somewhere safe for treatment. A few miles out is a remote village that has been continually hassled by the bandits. They must convince the town to shelter them until help arrives and then defend the town when the bandits come. After the assault the team finds that the elder has been seemingly abducted. They may decide whether or not to try an assault on the bandits hideout.


1 Train Assault

2 Welcome to Wyvern Rock

3 Assault on Wyvern Rock

4 Abduction!

5 Taking the fort


Total loot: 325 gc in bounties to be collected. 325 gc cash.
Talon Light Warjack; needs access codes or cortex wipe.
Mechanica Armor: speed and wight, alchemical battery.
1 explosive grenade, 2 smoke grenades, 2 concussive grenades.
Cygnaran translation of the black tome
Small arms and ammunition.
To be determined payment from Henrietta Gladwell

Wrap up: The arcane study tells part of the story of what Malcome was after. Maps show places of nterest most crossed off as being searched.

Session 1

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