5 Taking the fort


Drive the bandits out of the old fort.


The old fort


At the groups discretion, they can go straight there after searching Alistair’s house or wait until morning.


Drizzling rain at night, overcast and windy the next day.


The group arrives at the tree line of the clearing where the old for sits.


The old fort sits at the top of a hill in a clearing that has over grown with brush. The walls are black weathered stone with iron spikes jutting from the top. The walls are broken in places and the main gate is twisted and hangs slightly ajar. Flood lights hand from the one standing tower n the front corner though one seems to be shorted out.


PC Objective

Drive out or kill the bandits and recapture Malcom.

Enemy Objective

Kill the PCs or escape.

Enemy Force

Tael Ogrun man at arms
2 Rifleman Bandits
2 Thug Bandits
Alistair Stinton necromancer

Enemy Tactics

If the group is spotted outside the fort the thugs will take position on the walls and fire down. If the Group sneak in and take out one or two thugs silently the other bandits will panic leaving only the Ogrun and the Necromancer who will likely consider a fighting retreat.

Terrain/location effects

If firing past the floodlight at the rifleman on the tower he gains concealment bonus due to glare.


An armory of basic ranged ad melee weapons.
100 Crown Bounty on Tael
200 crowns stashed


5 Taking the fort

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