1 Train Assault


Introduce combat and get the party fighting together. Introduce the bandits as villains. Bandits take Gretchen’s bounty Malcome Cooke raising questions as to how they knew him and what they want with him. Leaving the party stranded with injured civilians.


Cygnaran countryside along the rail line from Caspia to Corvis.


Dawn on an early Fall morning.


Overcast Skies with a morning mist.


Dawnaly and Vivian are transporting a prisoner.
Jason is simply traveling.
Molly is on the way to Corvis to look for Merc work as a scout.

An explosion rocks the Train and it flies off the rails crashing to its side. As the players clear their heads they see the Arcanist/Explorer jumping up onto a horse with someone and a group of bitter looking mercs closing in on them.


The passenger car of the train is lushly furnished with scroll worked wooden moldings and velvet cushioned seats. Passengers range from well to do to working class with a few wealthy individuals having private compartments.

In the aftermath of the explosion weak moans and cries from people with various severity of injuries. Fires large and small dot the wreckage. The group lies among debris in a wide semi circle of collapsed cars facing a wide hilly field cut by a river running into foot hills in the distance.


PC Objective

Survive and ostensibly protect civilians.

Enemy Objective

Eliminate witnesses, specifically any who saw them grab the Arcanist.

Enemy Force

Thark (Ogrun Warrior)
2 Thugs
1 Arcanist

Enemy Tactics
Terrain/location effects

Burning debris can cause fire continuous effect if pushed into it. Fire also creates a smoke cloud effect impairing vision.


50 Gold crowns
Thark (Ogrun Warrior)75 bounty


One of the survivors points out that they past a mid-line stop a few miles back so there must be a village somewhere. Henrietta Gladwell a wealthy merchant and minor noble woman who has lost her bodyguard offers a reward if the group can get them to safety. Three to five combat worthy guards remain to aid efforts.

1 Train Assault

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