Henrietta Gladwell

Wealthy merchant and minor noble in Corvis.


Henrietta is polite but always succinct and to the point.


Henrietta wants to rid her city of organized crime and corrupt government.


Henrietta grew up in a moderately well off family, her father running a shipping company moving goods by rail. When the authorities busted him as part of a smuggling ring it came out that he had been strong armed by organized crime over a debt, however before he could testify to anything he disappeared from custody. Most of the company’s assets were seized leaving Henrietta to start again from the ground up.
Initially Henrietta was no crusader, she simply wanted to succeed without getting caught up in organized crime or corrupt authority. However as she became more successful she found it became harder and harder to avoid and eventually her determination to avoid it mader her a target.

Henrietta Gladwell

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